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Immaculata University invites undergraduate and graduate international students to take advantage of an excellent opportunity to understand a complex world in a serene yet stimulating environment. Located in historic Chester County, Pennsylvania, Immaculata University is just a short drive from Philadelphia and also within driving distance of New York City and Washington, D.C.

Immaculata welcomes nationally and culturally diverse students. Our beautiful campus is both warm and welcoming to those who are a long way from all that is familiar. At Immaculata you will find the support that you need to achieve your goals.

The Office of International Student Services works to facilitate your integration into campus life. You will come to value and appreciate the small, interactive classes as well as the out-of-class interaction with faculty and peers. Join us as we lead you down the path of opportunity – a path that leads to global-ready graduates.

If you have any questions, please contact Sr. Janet M. Walters at jwalters2@hurrayprobioticsg.com or call the Office of International Student Services at Immaculata University’s at 610-647-4400 ext. 3116.

Please refer to the specific admission requirements for the college to which you are applying.  Visa and other governmental regulations and requirements will be the same for all students. International students should apply before March 1 for fall admission to avoid problems with visa clearance and mail service delays. Applications for the term beginning in January must be completed by September 1. Please submit the following:

  • You must apply to one of Immaculata’s three programs:
    • If you are a first-time or transfer student looking for the full-time college experience, you should e-mail admiss@hurrayprobioticsg.com or call 484-323-3060 about applying as a traditional undergraduate student.
    • If you are an adult learner looking to start or complete your undergraduate degree, please contact Kate Kearney at kkearney@hurrayprobioticsg.com or 484-323-3239 about applying for adult professional programs.
    • If you are interested in earning a graduate degree, please contact Sandra Rollison at srollison@hurrayprobioticsg.com or 484-323-3215 about applying to the College of Graduate Studies.
  • If you were not born and raised in an English-speaking country, or have not spent two recent years in an English-speaking school, you must submit a score from one of the official English proficiency exams listed below.
    • Official IELTS (International English Language Testing System). A minimum score of a 6 is required across the Band Spectrum.
    • Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test, 213 on the computer-based test, or 79 on the Internet-based test (iBT). To have ETS send your TOEFL score directly to Immaculata University, enter 2320 as the institution code and 00 in the department code.
    • Official DET (Duolingo English Test). A minimum score of a 75 is required.
  • Official transcripts from secondary schools or university (undergraduate or graduate level)
  • Official copies of diplomas or degree certificates
  • Evaluations, conducted by a NACES-accredited company (e.g. WES, World Education Services), of all transcripts, diplomas, and certificates. To apply for a WES evaluation, go to www.wes.org. You must submit a course-by-course report.
  • Copy of identification page of passport
  • Submit Certification of International Student Finances, completed and signed by you and your parents or sponsor (if applicable) with a notarized or certified bank statement
  • Pre-Entrance Health Requirement
  • If you are transferring from another school in the United States, you will need to fill out the Transfer Verification Form for International Students

A formal letter of acceptance from Immaculata University will indicate that all admissions requirements have been met. To enroll, send in your deposit, which is $300 if you wish to live on campus and $100 if you do not plan to live on campus. After you enroll, a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) will be issued to you, indicating the length of time you will be granted for study in the United States. You are expected to arrive in the United States by the date indicated on your Form I-20. The International Student Orientation at Immaculata University is scheduled for the Friday before classes begin.

You must present your Form I-20 to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate along with your passport and Immaculata University acceptance letter when applying for the F-1 visa. Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the date of completion of studies. You should be prepared to provide proof of residence abroad to which you intend to return after completing your studies. When traveling to the United States, carry the following documents:

  • Passport, which includes immigration documents with visa and SEVIS fee receipt
  • SEVIS Form I-20
  • Evidence of financial resources
  • Evidence of student status
  • Contact information for the principal designated school official (PDSO) at Immaculata, Kate Kearney, 484-323-3239. Other designated school officials (DSOs) are Sister Janet Walters and Sandra Rollison.

Upon arrival in the United States, proceed to the Department of Homeland Security station at the port of entry. Have the following documents ready: passport, SEVIS I-20, Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record, and CF-6059 Customs Declaration Form. The Form I-94 should reflect your home address. It is important that the inspecting officer stamp the documents. If you are asked to proceed to a “secondary inspection,” it is essential that you have the name and number of one or more of the contact people listed above.

Learn all about the F-1 Visa procedure by visiting the Study in the States website. This guide includes information about every step in the international student process, from researching a program to graduating and departing the United States. If you plan to enter the United States for the first time to study, you will need to obtain an F-1 international student visa. For information on bringing dependents to the U.S., returning to continue studies, or renewing your visa, please refer to the U.S. Department of State website. Good luck with the process. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of International Student Services at Immaculata University at jwalters2@hurrayprobioticsg.com or call 610-647-4400 ext. 3116 or Kate Kearney at ext. 3239.

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